The Change of strategy in Iberia Handling and the expansion plan of Air Europa-Globalia

A few weeks before the tender for the handling licenses in Spain starts and the operators can place bids for the ramp handling at the different Spanish airports, informed yesterday that Iberia Handling has radically changed of strategy.

In spite of the fact that they said they would place bids for those airports where the profitability was at least 10%, they seem to have changed their minds and will go for as many airports as they can.

In other news, published an interesting article about the Air Europa “aggressive” expansion plan to Latin America through the Brazilian airport of Salvador da Bahia. For this purpose, they are expecting three new Airbus A330-200 before March. They already have thirteen aircrafts of this model. Moreover, in 2016, they would receive their Boeing B787. They foresee to have added up to 22 B787 by 2020-2022.

Juan José Hidalgo, president for the Globalia Group, assured they do not compete very much with the low cost airlines, although he admitted they are losing money with the domestic routes, but they are essential to feed the Madrid hub.

As for their handling branch, Groundfore, they intend to place bids for all airports, although Hidalgo said the fight is going to be hard, above all in the small airports.