What are the cheapest airlines to fly from Spain?

Evening flight. Square composition / Fotolia

According to a study published by the online flight browser Trabber.es easyJet and Ryanair are the cheapest airlines that operate from the Spanish airports.

Analysing over one million searches that were performed this year, easyJet is cheaper in 59% of the tickets. Whenever the British airline offers a flight in particular, six out of ten times their flight is the cheapest for that route.

This way, easyJet beats Ryanair in the war of prices. Still, the Irish airline would be near, since their ticket would be the cheapest in 57% of the searches.

Very far we would find Transavia (28.6%), American Airlines (19.9%), Norwegian (18.4%), U.S. Airways (18.3%), Emirates (18.1%), Air Europa (17.7%), Iberia Express (17.4%) and Iberia (16.2%).

“In many cases, airlines like Emirates, American or Iberia are the cheapest options because they are the only operator for a particular route” explained Óscar Frías CEO for Trabber.es. Hence, sometimes an airline is the cheapest for a route because it is the only one. It is therefore the cheapest, but also the most expensive one for that route.

Taking this into consideration, it comes out that Iberia is the airline (regardless of the route) which most of the times offers the cheapest ticket (nearly 15% of the times). 

Ryanair would follow (11.1%) and then Air Europa (9.8%), Vueling (7.2%) and easyJet (6%).

“The traditional airlines offer many destinations where the Low Cost do not operate. Hence they are frequently the only or cheapest option. In fact, Iberia offers alternatives for 91% of the searches performed in Spain thanks to the capillarity of their route net”.


Source: Expansión