Corvera and San Javier will coexist until 2016

Corvera airport being constructed in June 2012 / Adam Hinett

Corvera and San Javier airports will both be open at the same time until 2016. Then, Aena expect to close San Javier to commercial flights.

Today informs that the Councillor for Public Works of the Murcia’s Government – Manuel Campos – confirmed the above after attending the Regional Assembly.

He also said that, according to Aena, all four airports Alicante, Almería, Corvera and San Javier are compatible. He noted that “San Javier is a military aerodrome which can be closed to commercial flights, but Corvera is more worthwhile. It has over 3,000 meters and better facilities”.

He reminded they expect to have certificates for tower and security in December. “If the European Commission approves and releases the 182 million Euros loan in July, the situation is clear and the airport is ready to start operations”.

Furthermore, he said the Chamber of Commerce is expected to present a report on the 8th of July. This report will indicate the airport’s the future prospects as well as the prospects for the economy in the Region.

High speed train in Murcia
The high speed train is expected in Murcia for the beginning of 2015. Hence, the works should be starting in September in order to meet the deadlines.

Photo: Corvera airport being constructed in June 2012 / Adam Hinett