European Commission criticizes the opacity on Aena’s charges

Madrid airport Terminal 4

Spanish Airports are not transparent enough with regard to airport charges.

This is the main conclusion extracted from a report published on Monday by the European Commission about the implementation of the airport charges policy.
The report also estates that Aena do not discuss with airlines the changes applied in this area, so they do not comply with the regulation.

The Law in question, which came into force in 2011, requires airports to discuss regularly with airlines about the airport charges, particularly when they are going to be modified. They must also inform about the runways and terminal costs taken into account to calculate the rates. The rule also forbids the airline discrimination and requires each Member State to establish an Independent Supervisory Authority.

The report shows that, since the application of new rule, the major European airports have become more transparent on their decision-making process.
In general, the consultation process required by the rule is being carried out, but Brussels has warned about the fact that the regulation is not being equally applied in the EU.

While companies are generally satisfied with the consultation procedures at major airports in the UK and the Netherlands, they were more critical with the process in Spain, Italy, Greece and Hungary, in particular with deadlines for replying and with the fact that the process often becomes an informative session. The Commission said.

To promote a more standardized implementation of the regulation and more cooperation between the Independent Supervisory Authorities for supervisory authorities of the Member State, the Commission has created the Thessalonica Forum of Airport Charges Regulation. The first meeting will be held on 13th June in that Greek city.

Photo: Madrid Airport T4 / Jean-Pierre Dalbéra