Fast lane available at Palma airport as of today

Terminal C of Palma de Majorca Airport by Wusel007 - Wikimedia Commons

As of today, the airlines will be able to come to agreements with Palma airport over the use of the brand new “fast lane”. This will let some of the passengers go straight to the security controls. No need to queue. This system has been set up at the airlines’ request and will be handled by them too. They will decide if they want to use it and how much each passengers has to pay for it.  For their part, Aena will charge the airline 1.5 Euros per passenger.

The news was published this morning in a piece by DiaroDeMallorca. The announcement comes only a few days after new restrictions were added to the hand luggage security controls in the Spanish airports: starting March 1, every electronic device needs to be taken out of hand bags during the security controls. No matter the size. informed that not only cameras, laptops and phones will have to be checked separately, but other items such as hair-dryers, straighteners and battery toys as well. For this purpose, Aena explained that they are increasing the number of supervisors at the security controls. These new restrictions have been added in order to meet the European regulation, fixed in Brussels, which is mandatory for all the European airports.

Starting today, passengers arriving to the security area will have two choices: a fast lane, exclusive for passengers who have paid for it (provided that the airline offers that possibility) and the “zigzag lane”. In the summer seasons, the zigzag lane is usually very busy. All passengers arrive at the same control, no matter which lane they go through. The difference is that the passengers using the fast lane will slip through the queues. In order to avoid blockades, Aena promised to increase staff. At the moment, according to the Palma airport director, it takes 4 minutes to go through the security measures.

Also, DiarioDeIbiza informed this morning that Aena does not expect another fast lane for Ibiza airport. According to this information, no airlines have requested it at the moment. However, other airports like Madrid and Barcelona do have this fast lane operational.


Photo: Terminal C of Palma de Majorca Airport by Wusel007 – Wikimedia Commons

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  1. R.E. Coxon 13 May, 2015 said:

    As a regular user of Palma Airport for flights to and from the United Kingdom I was not pleased to find that I could not use or buy a ticket myself for the new “Fast Lane” unless I travelled with selected airlines at a greatly increased cost. I always travel with just hand luggage only and for years have saved myself a great deal of time by using what has now become the wheelchair and Terminal “B” only access to go to the lounges on production of my Priority Pass Card. All other airports allow any passenger to pay for access to the “Fast Lane” and, as the one at Palma Airport seems to be barely used, when will AENA follow suit ?

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