Iberia in good shape

Iberia A330 EC-LYF, with the new livery, getting out of the fog / Flickr - Curimedia | photography

In February, we anticipated that Iberia was working on an aggressive plan, after a deep restructuration. In fact, that restructuration goes on. ElMundo informed on July 24 that Iberia has reached an agreement with the Unions on a voluntary layoff for 1,427 employees. This will affect to handling staff and pilots, but not to cabin crew members. The process is expected to have been completed by 31 December 2017.

To that respect, on August 11 Preferente.com informed that some of the items in that layoff have been contested before the National High Court by one of the unions (CTA).

However, IAG is happy with the Iberia’s performance and thus they have ordered 16 new planes for the Spanish airline. Among the new planes there will be 8 A350-900 – one of the new A350 Airbus models – and 8 A330-200. According toPreferente.com Willie Walsh – IAG’s CEO – said these new aircrafts are intended to replace 16 A340 in order to reduce costs thanks to the efficiency of a modern fleet. This way Iberia seems to have declined the possibility of getting the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

At the moment, Iberia has 33 long-haul aircrafts in the fleet.

It is also worth noting another piece of news by Preferente.com on August 11. The Iberia’s return to Santo Domingo and Montevideo and the strong competition there with Air Europa is another proof that things are now totally different in Iberia. According to this information, Iberia is now in a good shape, rather than six months ago. You may remember our post of October 28, What’s up with Iberia?.

Also from Preferente.com, in an op-ed published on August 1, they say “Iberia was about to face bankruptcy” but “that Friday August 1 was the happiest day in many years for Iberia”. It was the main target for the airline to get the new fleet so that the medium range future can be assured.

According to this op-ed, “today Iberia is integrated in IAG, which is the European giant in best shape over Lufthansa and Air France-KLM”.

Checking the Aena’s statistics we can see Iberia served 7,59 million passengers between January and July 2014. They served 7,67 million passengers within the same period in 2013.

For their part Air Europa served 8,49 million passengers so far this year, increasing from the 7,73 million they transported in the first half of 2013.

Photo: Iberia’s A330 EC-LYF, with the new livery, getting out of the fog / Curimedia | photography


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