Madrid testing the CDM to optimise air traffic

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Madrid testing the CDM:

Yesterday, Madrid airport started the first operational tests of the A-CDM—Airport Collaborative Decision Making—within this project, promoted by Eurocontrol, which is intended to optimise the air traffic management while punctuality and operational efficiency improve at this airport.

Hence, the first DPI message—Departure Planning Information—was sent yesterday from the CDM platform to Eurocontrol. This information allows Eurocontrol to know the situation of each flight in real time, letting them optimise the capacity and, if necessary, apply regulations based on up-to-date information.

Airlines and handling agents will have data as much as possible in advance, the planning will be better and the knowledge of the aircraft situation at the ground will improve. Moreover, the costs of the movements at the ground might be reduced.

With regard to the passengers, they are to take benefit from this too since the punctuality is supposed to improve and the information provided will be more accurate at every moment.

The A-CDM is fully incorporated at five European airports (MUCCDGBRUFRA, and FCO) and being implemented in other 30. In Spain, Aena has reached an agreement with Eurocontrol to implement the A-CDM in MADBCN and PMI.



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