Negotiations between Enaire and controllers failed

Spanish slot coordination. Airplane ascending while another one is queing / Jumbero

Yesterday, the air traffic controllers and Enaire had a meeting to discuss the new ATC walkouts that have been scheduled for tomorrow and next Saturday, October 3. However, the parties did not reach an agreement. Previously, the Ministry of Development (Fomento) had published a press release announcing minimum services of 80% for this strike. These are the same levels they had fixed in the previous strike called by the controllers in July.

After the meeting, both Enaire and the main representative of the air traffic controllers – USCA – published a press release respectively. On the one hand, Enaire said that they finalised negotiations with USCA with no agreement. In their opinion “Enaire has been flexible all the time” in trying to find a solution and call off the strike. Also, Enaire regrets that “negotiations have failed despite the proposals made” by their company.

On the other hand, USCA said that “Enaire’s unwillingness to show flexibility in the negotiations” as well as their “inability to find an agreement” do not allow them to call off the strike. From their point of view, in the 4 meetings held so far, “USCA showed themselves willing to reach an agreement. We even proposed to call off the walkouts for September 26 in order to continue talks”.

Photo: Airplane ascending while another one is queuing / Flickr – Jumbero.