Palma will negotiate new routes with twenty airlines

The Palma de Mallorca Tourism 365 Foundation, the entity responsible for promoting the Balearic capital, is going to hold conversations with up to 20 airlines that connect the Island with its main markets (Germany, UK, Scandinavian countries and, although even with low volume, Russia), with the intention of opening new routes out of high season, and informing of the available resources that could be attractive to customers in low season.

There is already a Air Rout Development at Palma Airport, formed by the City Council, Aena, the Balearic Government, the Government Delegation Office, the Mallorca’s Consell and the Chamber of Commerce to create new air routes between the Islands and the main European capitals, since the main problem is the lack of connectivity to these countries during the low season. has been the first airline to meet the Committee that expects to approach more airlines soon.


Source: Preferente