Sacyr and the Government of Murcia resume talks on Corvera

Murcia-San Javier by Phillip Capper / Wikimedia Commons

The Government of Murcia had reached an agreement with Aena to transfer all flights from San Javier to Región de Murcia Intl Airport (Corvera) and hence, the only thing left was the agreement between the Government and Sacyr.

Both parties would have now decided to resume talks on Corvera Airport in order to find a solution and avoid courts, which would endlessly delay the opening of the airport.

Ten days ago the Government of Murcia kept saying that a new tender would be opened for Corvera. Now, they might be considering giving the concession back to Sacyr through its subsidiary Aeromur.

Aeromur’s proposal would be that the Government of Murcia takes on the current Corvera’s airport shortfall because of the start of operations and the overall traffic loss.

In exchange, Aeromur would take on the concession’s debt by about 200 million Euros, to be paid along the 40-year contract and would try to start operations as soon as all the permits are granted. Currently, those permits cannot be authorised because the concession has not been awarded.

San Javier would remain open
The Government’s roadmap intended to close San Javier airport and transfer all its activity to Corvera, with a new manager which might be Aena. However, “it does not make any sense that they have started the Handling tender for San Javier if they are going to close the airport. Otherwise, they would have to indemnify the awarded company”, as sources from the industry have explained.

As a consequence of the appeal lodged by Aeromur because of the contract termination, The High Court of Justice of Murcia said it was unfair that Sacyr had to give the concession to the Government of Murcia with immediate effect, like they intended. However they left the door open to a new tender.

Photo: Phillip Capper / Wikimedia Commons

Source: VozPopuli