Spanish Airports double Russian passenger numbers

Russian flag

995,000 Russian passengers used the Spanish airports in 2008. In 2012 these numbers were doubled to reach 2.1 million.
The main increase has taken place in Barcelona where they tripled passengers figures to get 1.2 million in 2012. Madrid increased these passengers by 24% in the last 5 years.

Tenrife South had over 173,300 passengers from the Russian Federation in 2012. This is 74.8% over the figures of 2008.
In Palma, this kind of traffic multiplied by over 3 to reach 163,000 passengers in 2012.
Málaga got 92,106 travellers, increasing by 70.2%.

The number of flights has increased by nearly 80% in the same period, reaching 15,550 movements last year. Transaero Airlines, Aeroflot, Vueling and Iberia were the major operators between Spain and Russia.

Taking these numbers into consideration, Aena has implemented some service for the Russian passengers.

Based on the forecast made by Tourspain for the Russian market during the current summer, capacity for the routes between Spain and Moscou has increased by 21%.

Moreover they had said in May that 70% of the seats for June and July had been already sold. At the same time that they hightlighted the start of new direct routes beou otween the main cities like Moscr Saint Petersburg and the Spanish cities like Valencia, Málaga or Alicante.

1.2 million tourists came to Spain in 2012, 93.8% out of them arrived by air, spending 1,851 million Euros, numbers that the Government aims to improve in 2013.