Subsidies for 2014: 75% to traffic increase and 100% to new routes

Following with the information on new subsidies for 2014 anticipated in this blog Aena has confirmed today that they will apply subsidies for 2014 in all the Spanish airports as of January. With this, they foresee an increase in traffic by 2%, up to four million passengers.

An amendment to the Budget will be added so that two different bonuses can be applied:

On the one hand, every airline starting new routes will get the passenger tax refunded by 100% in those flights. Out of the corresponding total amounts, 75% shall be reimbursed in 2014 and the 25% left in 2015 provided that the airline maintains the number of passengers.

On the other hand, every airline increasing the number of passengers in a route from a Spanish airport shall be entitled to a bonus of 75% in the passenger tax of these additional travellers. This bonus is subject to the fact that the overall traffic grows in that route. This way the transfer of traffic from one operator to another will not get this subvention. This 75% will be distributed so that 50% will be reimbursed in 2014 and the 25% left would be refunded in 2015 if the airline maintains the number of passengers.

These subsidies for 2014 would mean an additional loss of 50 million Euros in 2014 and 25 million Euros in 2015.