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The start-ups that didn’t start and most probably won’t Startups

People waiting for departure at Tenerife South airport terminal / Jeremy Page - Flickr

Islas Afortunadas, Aerocanarias, Victoria Airways Bird Blue… Every now and then a new project is said to be about to start operations. We have been following what is going on with these start-ups in this blog but at the moment none of them have seen the light of day. Last Friday, Preferente.com published an article on this subject. The Canary Islands has been used for several attempts which don’t seem to end in anything tangible. One of these is the case of Islas Afortunadas, a company to be based in the Canary Islands. They intended to begin operating in the fall of  2013. The idea…

Victoria International Airways: a start-up for Palma Startups

Screenshot of the Victoria International Airways web site

“Victoria International Airways is a new airline based in Spain that offers Full Charter Service to tour operators and travel agencies…”. This is the presentation of the airline in their LinkedIn page, which also informs that their fleet is composed of Airbus 320s with a 180 seat cabin configuration. This morning, Preferente.com published an article about this company. According to the information in it, they will not be able to start for the moment due to lack of an aircraft. The airline is being created by several entrepreneurs from Málaga and Mallorca. The project was born more than a year ago and has people…