Traffic evolution in Madrid and Barcelona

As anticipated in this blog Barcelona has been about to receive the same number of passengers as Madrid during the month of June. Contrary to what PeriodistaDigital expected and in line with the estimations calculated with our airport stat tool, Madrid would have still had 45,842 passengers more than Barcelona (42,817 if we consider commercial traffic).

To this respect, explains that the Aena estimations for Madrid at the end of the year are 40 million passengers and for Barcelona, 35 million. However, during the month of June Madrid lost passengers by 14.9% and Barcelona gained traffic by 2.7%.

For further information, this is the breakdown on Madrid and Barcelona passenger actual figures provided by Aena for commercial traffic:

In case of interest, you can check the overall evolutions published by Aena for all the Spanish airports here.

According to that piece of news by ElPeriodico, the international passengers in Barcelona have increased during the first 6 months by 21% and the EU passengers would have increased by 5.2%. However, domestic passengers have decreased by 12%. One of the keys to explain the evolutions of Madrid and Barcelona might be the drops of Iberia and Ryanair in Madrid together with the growth of Vueling in Barcelona.
Moreover, the accumulated increase in Barcelona might have been helped by the nearly 70 new routes for the summer season.

All these details confirm the good traffic evolution in Barcelona which had already finished 2012 with a record number of passengers at 35.1 million and expect to keep the trend going.

Still on Barcelona, says that the charter airline Omni Air International has joined to the cruise passenger operations in Barcelona which started in April. For this purpose they will use Boeing 763 and 777 to connect Barcelona with 16 destinations in North America like Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia and Seattle.