Traffic evolution in the Spanish Airports

Traffic evolution

Balearic Islands:
Palma airport: As explained by Aena it has reached the highest amount of passengers for a month of Jun in its history: 2,956,506 people. This means an increase by 1.3% with regard to June 2012.
As for January-June 2013, Palma has increased passengers by 0.8% reaching the amount of 9,284,504.
It is worth mentioning the increase of traffic from the Russian Federation (26%), from Sweden (10.9%), from Norway (8.4%), from the UK (5.9%) and from Germany (8.3%).

Ibiza airport: Aena informed that has also reached historic figures for the month of June, with 852,031 people. This supposes an increase by 6.8% against June 2012.
January-June 2013 confirm an increase of passengers by 4.3% with 1,986,125.

Menorca: According to Aena, the airport has increased passengers in June by 5.2%, reaching the amount of 384,930 travellers.
It is significant that the traffic from the UK has increased by 1.3%, from Germany by 20.3% and from Italy by 14.1%.
January-June 2013: The amount of passengers has grown by 4.8% with 873,865.

Canary Islands:
Aena informed that the number of international passengers increased in the Canaries. The most important increase, amongst these international flights was for Tenerife North. Then Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife South follow.
According to, the Canary airports have lost 844,703 passengers during the first six months, comparing with the same period of 2012. Considering that the international passengers have increased, it is the connection with the Mainland that has suffered the passenger loss. The financial crisis makes many trips are postponed. This drop in the demand brings a cut in the offer for the service and this increases the ticket prices which, in turn, affects to the fact that the trips are postponed again.
This piece of news also reminds that the loss of Spanair and Islas Airways have been important for this reduction too.

Aena, informed on the passenger increase in June by 2.6%.
January-June 2013: The overall increase for the first 6 months is of 0.5%, reaching the amount of 5,715,622 passengers.

Aena said that 996,864 passengers used the Alicante airport in June 2013. This means an increase by 11% if we compare with June 2012.
January-June 2013: 4,251,785 passengers used the airport during this period, 6.9% over the same period last year.
The most important growths during the month of June were Norway and Sweden (increasing by 40%), Denmark (90%), Russian Federation (43%) and Poland (35%).
Moreover, informed that Alicante is the airport which increase is highest amongst all the main 15 Spanish airports. Not only in passengers, but in flights as well.

Murcia: said that Murcia had 144,735 passengers, 5,8% less than the same month last year.
Between January and June, 474,105 passengers used the airport. The number of flights would have decreased by 21% with 4,371 flights in this period.

Jerez airport has reached the amount of 360,565 passengers between January and July. This means a decrease by 13.1%. said that the figures for the first 6 months of 2013 are always worse than the ones for 2012 in all terms.

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