AENA to start works in Lanzarote airport

works in Lanzarote

AENA confirmed they will start works in Lanzarote to fully adapt the airport to the EU safety standards about braking safety margins.

“After years of debates and demands on the Lanzarote runway extension, the airport has finally initiated the works, but for doing the opposite. “

As confirmed by senator Mr. Oscar Luzardo, the works will reduce the runway length by 100 meters, with an investment of more than 3 million euro.

Although the reason for the works is to improve the airport safety, this will limit even more the runway size and consequently it will reduce the ability to operate to other destinations or even to guarantee the current ones, as there will be more restrictions during landing and takeoff. In fact, the short length of the runway, among other factors, implies that some companies do not currently have connections to Lanzarote, or do not offer certain routes.

In other news, Mr Luzardo said the airport lacks of certain facilities for the approach. This would be causing that some airlines do not come to the airport. That’s why he explained he has asked Aena not only for the runway extension, but for the approach system enhancement as well.


Source: La voz de Lanzarote