Alicante-Elche is now the official name for the airport

Alicante-Elche Airport / Wikimedia Commons

As we had already anticipated, Alicante has now officially changed names to become Alicante-Elche.

This became official as soon as it was published in the Spanish Official Gazette on the 12th of July. For further information you can download the document here.

If you check the link to Wikipedia from our airport data base, you will notice the information there is already updated. However, they are keeping “Alicante Airport” as the name despite referring to the airport as Alicante-Elche in the body of the definition. Our Airport Name Policy requires the same name as the one displayed in Wikipedia and that is why we are keeping ”Alicante Airport” in our data base too.

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  1. Jorge Masot 3 June, 2014 said:

    Considering that Wikipedia now correctly redirects to “Alicante Airport” no matter you search for “Alicante-Elche Airport”, and bearing that we can prove the latter name is the correct, we changed our airport code data base to show “Alicante-Elche Airport”.

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