The Government is now open to privatise Aena by 60%

In spite of the fact that Aena intended to keep 51% of the company after its partial privatisation, Hispanidad informed on Friday that this approach would have been refused by the market and hence the Ministry is forced to lose control over Aena

For their part, Aena would not accept the proposal made by some companies like Abertis for selling the Barcelona and Madrid airport management: “Territorial solidarity cannot be broken, the safety of the net must be kept”.

For these reasons, the Ministry’s current plan is to privatise Aena by 60% which, according to the Aena’s calculations is estimated at 10,800 million Euros. The whole net would be valued at 18,000 million Euros.

This way, the private part of the company would take over the airport management and the Government would keep the security of the net and would ensure it is not split by an investor. Also, the Air Navigation which is out of Aena Aeropuertos, would stay in the Government hands.