Spanish Government to reduce airport investment by 18.3%

Man at work at T2 Málaga airport / Flickr - Dorte

Yesterday, the Spanish Government published the first draft of the General State Budget for 2015.
ActualidadAeroespacial extracted the amounts set for airport investments.

The draft says this budget intends to “continue on the path to economic recovery, competitiveness enhancement and employment creation, enforcing productive investment”. Hence, the Ministry of Development will reduce airport investment by 18.3% during the first year of the Aena privatisation.

In 2015, airport investment, together with air safety and security, will be reduced in 24 million Euros. This represents 5% with regard to the Budget for 2014. With this, out of 9,570 million Euros available for development, the Ministry fixes 535 million – 5.6% – for airport investment in 2015.

As for airport investment in particular, the Ministry sets 450 million Euros against 550.3 millions that were fixed for 2014. This amount is 18.3% less. The main airport investments are expected to be:

  • Runway extension works are expected in A Coruña airport.
  • The 36L/18R Madrid airport runway will go through renovation works.
  • Some works have been scheduled in Zaragoza airport too. In this case it is to meet Category II/III.
  • Palma de Mallorca airport has some budget for it too. This is to improve the air-conditioning system.
  • The cargo area of Madrid airport will go through urban development works
  • Trace and liquid explosive detector equipment is being purchased for the airports of the net.
  • Also, works are expected for operational safety improvements in terms of Airport Certification. These works will affect Madrid, Palma, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Fuerteventura and Tenerife North among others.

In other news, ElPais informs that the draft of the General State Budget for 2015 takes into consideration the dividends to be paid by Aena after its privatisation: 50% of the Aena’s net benefits will be intended for payment of dividends.


Photo: Man at work at T2 Málaga airport / Dorte