New Airport Marketing Strategy in Madrid

Madrid airport Terminal 4 / shutterstock

Lainformacion published yesterday that AENA is starting an “Airport marketing” strategy to acquire routes and operators in Madrid-Barajas.

In the appearance of the State Secretary for Infrastructure, Mr. Rafael Catalá, before the Spanish Congress, he announced that in the coming weeks an Airport Coordination Committee will be constituted with the objective of “working to identify what is going on in Barajas and to alleviate the situation”. In this committee, a possible tax reduction would be analyzed. “We will study new strategy to enhance Madrid as a ‘hub’ and destination” said the number two of Ministry for Development.

Mr. Catalá admitted the concern of the Ministry for Development about the drop of traffic in the main airport of the Aena’s network, that has been exceeded by Barcelona in number of passengers for the first time.

In other news, according to the Government admitted contacts with Chinese Airlines to operate at the Terminal 4 in Barajas airport.
“Shortly we will hold meetings with Chinese airlines, but we are also working in the Saudi Arabia and the Emirates area, Africa and all over the world, to get more traffic in our country, because this generates wealth and employment” Pastor said.