The new way to the aviation in Spain

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It was about time!

We have had this project in mind for a long time and finally today we are delighted to introduce our brand new web site to you.

Like every other tool in Flight Consulting, this has been developed in-house. At last, we can show you the result: a dynamic web site thought to keep you easily up-to-date on the Aviation in Spain.

It is intended not only for us to get to be known by all the people who don’t know us yet, but to open a new way and improve the quality of the services that we can give to our customers as well.

To start with, we have designed a blog and three utilities. Some of these tools are free, thought to present our company, and some others will be tools that we intend to go creating and maintaining as customized services for our clients.

    1. Free Tools
      1. Blog: There is plenty of news that happens every day in the Aviation in Spain, but most go unnoticed and stay within the Spanish media. Our target is to highlight and translate briefly the most relevant items. No registration is required for readers, but you can sign in if you wished to leave your comments or points of view. This would also offer you the possibility of receiving an email every time that a new item is posted. Registration is free.
      2. Flight Cost Calculator: As many of you know, the calculations required to reach the amounts to be paid to Aena for a flight operated in a Spanish Airport are sometimes difficult to make. From now on you can use this free tool to easily get your figures. Note it keeps into consideration many specific charges such as airport extensions, landing surcharges due to noise, seasonal discounts, etc… No registration is required.
      3. Aviation Codes: We have worked hard to be able to offer you a data base with airports, airlines, aircrafts and countries. Wherever possible, each particular item has been linked to Wikipedia where a great amount of updated information is displayed. These codes are essential for our statistics to offer as much information as possible. No registration is required to search for information. If you wished to edit and update information, you can register for free.


  1. Tools for customers
    1. Statistics:We are working and are close to offer the possibility of getting online customized statistics to our clients. Many of you are currently requiring this information from us frequently. Now you will be able to extract the information you wish from the coordinated slots. If your airline is a client of ours, please contact with us so that we can upgrade your account for you to be able to get advantage from this tool as soon as it is working.
    2. Special information: A new section is being created to store the special information that we share with our customers. This will let you have an easy and tidy access to all the sensitive data received from us. Registration under an upgraded account will be required. We will keep you updated with news to this respect.

We sincerely hope that you feel at home with us at A dynamic web site about the aviation in Spain is born today. New tools and information will go becoming available to make things nice and easy. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or suggestions and let’s make this be the start of something big.