Norwegian to open a base at Tenerife which will connect the island with 16 EU destinations

The airline Norwegian is opening a base at Tenerife which will connect the island with 16 EU destinations. 
According to Mr. Carlos Alonso, the Vice-president for the Council of Tenerife, the economic impact of this new base will be 28.9 million only in its first year of operation.

Carlos Alonso explained that Tenerife has traditionally been connected with the Nordic market through charter flights and only during the winter, so this is the first time that the island will have schedule flights to this destination.

Carlos Alonso has reminded that Tenerife leads the British, German and peninsular markets, so with this new base we also intend to lead the Nordic market. To achieve that, it was imperative that the route also operated in summer.

At present, Tenerife is connected with six airports in Norway with twelve flights a week, with three airports in Germany with six weekly connections, with two airports in Sweden with seven connections a week, with two airports in Finland with six weekly connections, and two of Denmark with four connections a week.

The Minister stressed that during the last year and a half, nearly 30 new routes have been developed, which make Tenerife a destination much more competitive and it is improving tourism in the summer season.

With respect to the AENA’s bonus, Carlos Alonso said that the Spanish Government has a different dynamic to increase the number of flights, trying to get more revenue by raising rates. 
He declared I do not know if the subsidies have to be more or less discriminatory, but only for one euro per passenger airlines decide if they come or not.