Ryanair and Easyjet lost passengers in Spain last June

According to the media, both Ryanair and Easyjet lost passengers in Spain last June. If we compare June 2012 with June 2013, Ryanair has lost a 10% and Easyjet a 15%.

On the other hand Vueling Airlines has increased passengers by 17% in the same period and they moved a 33% more than the total passenguers Iberia Airlines and Iberia Express moved, which in fact was a 26% less than last June 2012.
Other airlines with huge passenger increases in June were: Air Europa (+11.8%), Lufthansa (+10%), Jet2.com(+19%) and Air Berlin (+9%)

In spite of their decrease, Ryanair was the airline with more passengers in Spain (3.3 million), followed byVueling Airlines (2.3 million), Iberia Airlines and Iberia Express (1.7 million), Air Europa (1.2 million), Easyjetand Air Berlin (1.1 milion each of them).