Aena to soften the charge increase or even to freeze them Standard

Iberia's plane Terminal 4

AENA started in February the consultation process to set the charges for 2015, as established by the agreement signed on 23rd May 2013 between Aena Aeropuertos and the Airline Associations.As agreed, the maximum charge increase for 2015 was set at CPI plus three points. With regard to 2016, 2017 and 2018 a maximum charge increase of CPI plus four points was fixed.However, according to the information from EuropaPress this morning – based on sources from ACETA – during the meetings held so far both parties agreed that the positive traffic evolution during the months of January (2.5%) and February (3.1%) lead to expect traffic…

Vueling about to catch Ryanair as the largest operator in Spain Standard

Vueling aircraft landed / Aero Icarus

The latest stats published by Aena leave Vueling about to catch Ryanair. So far in 2014, the Irish low cost airline has lost activity in Spain by 14.70%, serving 2.9 million passengers. However, Vueling increased by 22.6% between January and February reaching 2.8 million users. With this, Vueling has almost removed the difference that Ryanair had in the first two months of 2013: it was 1.11 million passengers and has become only 0.01 million customers now.It is difficult to foresee whether the Vueling’s approach will be consolidated as most of the Ryanair’s reduction has taken place during the winter season, when…