Winter 2014 season seats up 5% in the Spanish airports

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Last Friday Aena announced, through a press release, that airlines have scheduled 41.7 million seats for departures from the Spanish airports during the winter 2014 season, which has just started on October 26 and will last until March 28. This amount is 5% over the one scheduled at the beginning of winter 2013. The number of expected departure flights has also increased, in this case, by 4.7%: there are over 264,000 planned take-offs from the Spanish airports.

The airports which offer has increased most are the three main Spanish airports: The good trend for Madrid airport is confirmed with 11.4 million seats (10.7% over last season); Barcelona seems to keep the impressive series of consecutive growths with 8.4 million seats (6.8% over last season); and Palma de Mallorca, with 2.4 million seats (over 8.5%), confirms that the Mediterranean airport is ready for further growths in the winter as well. Overall, these three airports have 22 million departure seats scheduled for the winter 2014 season, which is 8.9% over the figures of winter 2013.

The offer from the Canary Islands has increased too: 9.4 million seats have been scheduled for departures along the winter. It is worth noting that Gran Canaria, with 3 million seats, and Tenerife South, with 2.4 million, hold the highest availability. Moreover, the Balearic Islands have increased the seat offer by 7.6% with regard to winter 2013, exceeding the amount of 3 million seats. Also, Aena informed that Málaga has coordinated 3.5% more seats for departures along the winter 2014 season.

Seat offer in destinations

Aena has highlighted the significant increase in the seats offered to the Middle East. This amount has increased by over 25% with more than 555,000 seats for departures. Also, the increase in Latin American markets continues with 9.1% more seats. Moreover, traffic to Asia has increased by 12.9% and to Africa by 3.1%. Finally, there has been a change in the trend for the domestic market. At last, the domestic offer seems to increase for the winter 2014 season and has increased by 2.7%.

Main increases per country

The main increases  in scheduled seats and flights for the winter 2014 season are Italy and Portugal. Italy holds over 2.3 million seats and 12 thousand departures from the Spanish airports (15.3% and 12.6% increases respectively). Portugal has over 779,000 seats and over 7,000 departure flights. This means 15./% and 10.9% more than in the winter 2013.

For further information about this, we have just updated our our customised airport statistics with fresh data for the winter 2014 season. If you have any difficulties with this online tool, please just let us know.