Aena moderates the tax increase

The Minister of Public Works, Ana Pastor, has mediated between Aena and the airlines so that they can reach an agreement which might help to alleviate the industry.

As a result of this approach between Aena and ALA—airline’s association—the expected tax increase of IPC + 5% which was already applied for the current year, would not be applied again in five years. According to the media, this might have been called pax tarifaria (tax peace) between both parties. Also, Aena expects ACETA—one of the Spanish airline’s associations—joins this agreement too.

This change of stance in Aena might be intended to have an overall support in the industry before the privatisation which is expected in Aena for the end of this year 2013.

Therefore, the transit period of 2013-2016 during which the Government could increase the prices applying the CPI plus 5 points, has now been soften according to this piece of news.