Agreement on the airport charges increase

ageement on charges

Following with the Aena’s charges increase and our previous posts to this respect, informs today about the fact that
the airport charge increase will be CPI plus one point in 2014.

AENA will announce today the tentative agreement reached with the airlines to absorb the rise in airport charges for the next five years.
This agreement shall be signed by the Minister of Development, Ms. Ana Pastor and the airline associations ALA and ACETA. With this, they foresee a significant reduction over the expected increases until 2018.

According to sources close to the negotiations, the agreement goes through an increase for the forthcoming year 2014 of CPI plus one point. According to Government forecasts the CPI will end the year around 2%, so the increase would not be over 3%.

This will require a regulatory reform, which currently allows AENA to recover costs by annual increases of CPI plus five points until 2015.

For the remaining period (2015-2018), the increase will remain the CPI +1.
Meanwhile, a consultation process with the airlines will take place to determine the rates of the next five years (2019-2023), which are exempted from the cap of CPI plus five points under the current rules.

AENA justifies their charge increase of previous years (2011-2013), saying that the Spanish airport fees are among the most competitive in Europe and under the European’s average.