Castellón airport gets the OK from AESA

Castellón airport terminal and statue from a nearby road / Flickr - Egoitz Moreno

Another step taken for Castellón airport to start operations this year: The airport passed all the tests performed by AESA – The Spanish Airport Agency of Air Safety. Consequently, this Agency approved that the airport data sheet is published in the Spanish AIP – Aeronautical Information Publication.

The AIP shows all the information with regard to each airport. However, at the moment we are publishing this post, Castellón airport is not yet displayed with the other airport data sheets in the AIP. You can access the AIS – Aeronautical Information Service – and the AIP at the Aena’s web site.

At this point it is important to remember that Aena is responsible for the AIP, among other tasks, for all the Spanish airports, including Castellón. However, Castellón will not be one of the airports managed by Aena. It will be managed by SNC-Lavalin.

According to, Lavalin informed that as soon as Castellón airport is included in the AIP the next step will be the last one: the authorisation to start operations. The Canadian company is expecting this last authorisation has been received by the end of this year. In fact, they intend to have the first flight before the end of 2014. Nevertheless, they foresee the first commercial routes will start operating in 2015.


Photo: Castellón airport terminal and statue from a nearby road / Egoitz Moreno