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AENA to start works in Lanzarote airport Standard

works in Lanzarote

AENA confirmed they will start works in Lanzarote to fully adapt the airport to the EU safety standards about braking safety margins.“After years of debates and demands on the Lanzarote runway extension, the airport has finally initiated the works, but for doing the opposite. “As confirmed by senator Mr. Oscar Luzardo, the works will reduce the runway length by 100 meters, with an investment of more than 3 million euro.Although the reason for the works is to improve the airport safety, this will limit even more the runway size and consequently it will reduce the ability to operate to other destinations or…

The Spanish airports lost over 16 million passengers Standard

Since the beginning of the financial crisis, the Spanish airports lost 16.3 million passengers. According to the data published by Aena, 2012 ended with 194.2 million passengers. This means a decrease by 7.7% in comparison with 2007, when 210.5 million passengers used the Spanish facilities. In 2008 and 2009 the number of passengers decreased by 2.4% and 9.4% respectively. However, in 2010 and 2011 the figures increased by 2.8% and 6% respectively. This let the Spanish airports have over 204 million travellers. But in 2012 the downward trend appeared again and the airports lost passengers by 5% with regards to…

Tenerife North opening times Standard

Tenerife North Opening Times

The vicepresident for the Council of Tenerife said yesterday that it would be enough to extend the Tenerife North opening times by an hour and fifteen minutes. He explained that an agreement was reached with the Minister of Public Works for Aena to consider this extension so that the airport is open from 07:00 to 23:00 LT (currently 08:15-23:00 LT).To start with, this extension might allow Binter Canarias to offer twelve new connections per week and Vueling to establish a home base for one aircraft to increase the rotations.   Source:

En-route charge could be increased in 2014 Standard

The General Manager of Air Navigation, Mr. Ignacio González, has announced that the en-route charge could be increased in 2014.In a meeting held with the media, Ignacio Gonzalez explained that the en-route charge in Spain could increase in 2014, after a couple of years of being frozen. According to Gonzalez, it is too early to confirm if this will happen. A lot of work still has to be done and many variables need to be analyzed before taking this decision. It will depend on whether the traffic is growing or not, and whether Air Navigation can continue to reduce the…

The new Murcia airport to remain closed Standard

Stop sign

Due to the lack of agreement between Aena, Aeromur — the building company — and the Government of Murcia, the new Murcia airport remains closed one year after the works finished.Sources which would have contacted with say that they think it will not be possible to open before October or even November. Therefore the new Murcia airport, Corvera International Airport will continue to be closed for the second summer season and San Javier will remain operative.The negotiations for Aena to accept managing Corvera Airport and transfering employees, services and airlines from San Javier are blocked because Aena would require to be compensated for the…