The new Murcia airport to remain closed

Stop sign

Due to the lack of agreement between Aena, Aeromur — the building company — and the Government of Murcia, the new Murcia airport remains closed one year after the works finished.

Sources which would have contacted with say that they think it will not be possible to open before October or even November. 

Therefore the new Murcia airport, Corvera International Airport will continue to be closed for the second summer season and San Javier will remain operative.

The negotiations for Aena to accept managing Corvera Airport and transfering employees, services and airlines from San Javier are blocked because Aena would require to be compensated for the recent investment in San Javier. This investment increased traffic by 82%.

Since then, San Javier has lost nearly half of the passengers which it used to have in 2007. This might be the reason why Aeromur has requested a new agreement to the local Government. But the Government of Murcia has refused.