Consultation Process of airport rates for year 2015


Aena Aeropuertos has initiated the consultation process with Airline Associations on the amendments of airport charges for year 2015.

The Aena’s proposal maintains the agreements reached with the airlines in 2013 to smooth the cost recovery process, which was set by Royal Decree 11/2013, and fixes the maximum increases until year 2018 as following:

  • In 2015 the increase will be of CPI+3%. The maximum has been fixed  at 4.5%
  • In 2016 the increase will be of CPI+4%. In this case, up to a maximum of 5.5%
  • In 2017 the increase will be of CPI+4%. The fixed maximum is 5.5% too.
  • In 2018 the increase will be of CPI+4%  and the fixed maximum is 5.5% as well.

CPI is the year-on-year rate in October

The Aena’s propsal also establishes the following two items:

    1. -To update rates on 1st March.
    2. -To apply charge reductions to passengers connecting flights:
      • 2016 by 40%
      • 2017 by 40%
      • 2018 by 40%

The consultation process calls a new meeting with Airline Associations in April before the ultimate proposal be approved by the Aena’s Board and be sent to General Directorate of Civil Aviation for the verification of compliance with the criteria of transparency, objectivity and non-discrimination. Then it will be finally submitted to the Parliament for its approval.