Evelop Airlines about to start operations

Orbest Orizonia Airlines Airbus A320

“Out of the 867,765 passengers lost when Iberworld ceased operations, only 201,127 have been kept by Orbest” we had said in our post IAG lost 1.6 million passengers. Ryanair 2.3 million. How many of them were lost because of the lack of a Spanish AOC? 

The availability Iberworld had offered during the summer 2012 between Madrid and Cancun or Punta Cana was 64% of their overall capacity. 

According to the current regulation, unless an exceptional permit is obtained, only a Spanish airline can fly to different countries in the Caribbean.

To understand how important the routes with the Caribbean are in Madrid, it is enough to know that over 550,000 passengers flew from Madrid to the Dominican Republic in 2012 (EuropaPress).

For all the above reason, Evelop Airlines was created in March 2013. 

At the moment we are writing this post, the new company has not yet been recognised as a Spanish airline by the correspondent authority, AESA, but Aena confirmed on a press release about Barcelona airport, that the new airline is starting operations there during the current winter season. “… Also Evelop Airlines are starting operations in Barcelona, offering connections with Lanzarote and Tenerife South…”.

Moreover, ch-aviation informed last week that “Evelop Airlines is set to take delivery of an ex-Orbest A330-300, once the aircraft is transferred to the Spanish registry in early November”.

Furthermore, surfing BarceloViajes.com you can check they are already offering some flying on “EVE” flight numbers.

Photo: Fabrizio Berni / Wikimedia Commons