F factor to increase by 50%

The Governments’ party has proposed in the Congress an amendment to the “Ley de Seguridad Aérea de 2003” in order to replace the current F Factor (0.38 €) associated to the Security Tax, by a new rate to support the activities of supervision and inspection services performed by AESA.

This new rate will be of € 0.58 per departing passenger from any Spanish Airport, and it will be reduced by the 15% on flights from Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla to peninsular airports, and by 70% on Inter-Island flights.
The entry into force of the new rate will occur within three months of the Law’s draft publication, however it will not be applied to those tickets purchased before the effective date.

If this increase was finally applied, we would update our Flight Cost Calculator accordingly.

We will keep you informed.


Source: Revista 80 días