Gran Canaria airport works: finished the second phase

Vehicles parked in front of a Gran Canaria airport’s entrance / Flickr - Håkan Dahlström

In September we informed that the first phase of the Gran Canaria airport works had been concluded. Last week Aena published another press release: The second phase is now finished too. The third and last phase is left.

This way, the improved terminal started working on July 15th. It has 42,000 more square meters. On the first floor a new check-in area has been built. This new area has 18 counters which could increase up to 34 in the future. Also, there is a new security control zone with two double filters, a boarding lounge and shops. 

The intermediate floor has another boarding lounge, mainly for regional flights. It has eight gates, but might become 16 in the future. Furthermore, there is a baggage-claim area.

On the ground floor they have the new logistics area, with the correspondent security filters.

Besides all the above, the apron extension is placed into service with 23,000 more concrete platform square meters and 9,000 more asphalted road square meters.

As we had already explained, the Gran Canaria airport works have an investment for 200 million euros. This is the highest amount being currently invested throughout the Aena’s airport net.

In total, the buildings surface is expected to increase from 105,000 to 173,000 sqare meters.

To finish these Gran Canaria airport works, the terminal building is currently being extended to the west.

The impact on airport capacity
As for the airport capacity, we explained with our previous post that they used to have constraints for arrivals for up to 9,560 passengers per hour. The capacity for departures was limited in 3,000 passengers per hour only though.

Taking in mind these Gran Canaria airport works, the Aena Slot Coordination office announced an increase for departures by 13% to fix it in 3,400 passengers per hour. Being a very significant increase, it may result short bearing the expected 15% traffic increases that we had explained with our post Canary Islands expect strong grows for winter 2014.

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Photo: Parked vehicles in front of a Gran Canaria airport’s entrance / Håkan Dahlström