New Air Security fee: F factor

As we had already anticipated here, the “Ley de Seguridad Aerea” has been finally modified by the Government and consequently the F Factor fee currently for 0.38€, has been replaced by a new one named “Tasa de Seguridad Aérea” of 0.579885€ per departing passenger, as it was published on the Official Gazette BOE on 5th July 2013.

The new tax will be effective on 5th October 2013 and it won’t be charged to those passengers who had acquired their ticket in a date prior to the entry into force of the fee, regardless of the flight date.

It is also confirmed that the new fee will have the same reductions established for the passenger fees on inter-island flights and flights from the Balearic and Canary Islands and Ceuta and Melilla to the mainland, as we stated in our previous post.


Source: B.O.E.