Restructuring process in Aena

Restructuring process in Aena:

As many of you already know, Aena is currently facing an ongoing process of institutional restructuring.

On the one hand, they are working on the privatisation of Aena Aeropuertos as we have been informing in this blog and, on the other hand, they are working for the slot coordination office to become independent from the airport owner which is in fact Aena Aeropuertos.

To this respect, you may find interesting what Aena published in their web site (in English). So a Royal Decree is expected with the confirmation of the changes in the slot coordination office.

In addition, according to, the Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree on Monday to regulate the Airport Coordination Committees. The target is “to allow the governments from the Autonomous Regions, the City Councils and associations to become a part of those committees”.

Within three months from the approval of this Royal Decree a new Airport Coordination Committee per Autonomous Region is to be created. Each one shall be made of 11 members to meet at least twice a year.

We will keep informing on this Aena’s restructuring process.