Spanish operator Goodfly to start Murcia-Tenerife

The Spanish operator Goodfly:

According to the “airline” Good Fly has announced they will start the route Murcia-Tenerife in September, to be operated twice a week. Being a Spanish operator, they are not an airline thought.

Many Spanish media reffer to Goodfly as an airline, however it is not registered as a proper airline with the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority, either as “Category A” or “Category B” (the latter category includes airlines allowed to operate only aircrafts lighter than 10 tones and/or with less than 20 seats). That is why Goodfly is not displayed in our airline data base.

Checking the reference from Wikipedia in Spanish (it is not available in the English version) we see that Goodfly is a Spanish company-touroperator based in Burgos Airport. Despite advertising as an airline the company lacks a license to operate as such and it acts only as a charter agency.

Hence, they use the AOC from airlines like Minoan Air or Bulgarian Air Charter to cover their programme.