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Fast lane available at Palma airport as of today Airports,Charges

Terminal C of Palma de Majorca Airport by Wusel007 - Wikimedia Commons

As of today, the airlines will be able to come to agreements with Palma airport over the use of the brand new “fast lane”. This will let some of the passengers go straight to the security controls. No need to queue. This system has been set up at the airlines’ request and will be handled by them too. They will decide if they want to use it and how much each passengers has to pay for it.  For their part, Aena will charge the airline 1.5 Euros per passenger. The news was published this morning in a piece by DiaroDeMallorca. The announcement…

The unions call off the Aena strike Airports,Regulations

Aena’s logo at Madrid Airport / David

The strike called by the Aena unions, scheduled to start Wednesday February 11th, has been called off. Yesterday evening La Vanguardia informed that the CCOO (Union Confederation of Workers Committee) reached an agreement with the airport manager (Aena) on employment guarantees and the collective bargaining agreement. Nevertheless, they will maintain the protest at the door of the stock exchange of Madrid against the Aena privatization until next Wednesday, coinciding with the debut of the company. The committees of different airports have also called for protests in their centers against the introduction of private capital into the company. The 30th of…

Aena Unions call 27 days of strike before its partial privatisation Airports,Regulations

Madrid airport Terminal 4

After a meeting held yesterday morning with the representatives from the airport manager, the Spanish Unions CCOO and USO have decided to go ahead with the strike that had been called for 27 days of stops in Aena.  Thus, ElEconomista informed that the first stop will take place on Wednesday, February 11 which coincides with the planned date for the Aena’s IPO. This first stop has been scheduled to be carried out between 10:00 and 13:00 local time. CCOO and USO claim that Aena is not complying with the collective agreement. For instance, they are not complying with the minimum staff of 8,000…

Aena presents a plan to maximize the potential of San Javier after Corvera is blocked Airports

Jetair at Murcia-San Javier airport / Joaquin Vanschoren

The ‘Marketing Plan for the Murcia-San Javier Airport’ was the document presented last Wednesday by the Aena directors to <<maximize the connectivity>> of the installations. The document doesn’t mention the agreement to close down commercial activity to give way to the Corvera airfield. According to the document accessed by La Verdad, the members of the Airport Committee studied the strategies to re-launch the airport. The meeting of the Airport Committee, which takes place once or twice a year, took place at the San Javier Airport. Meanwhile, the Corvera Airport, whose management in the end will be up for tender, is…

Madrid runway closure postponed by Courts Airports,Regulations

Runway 36L at Terminal 4, Madrid Barajas airport by Mario Rubio García - Flickr

On December 9, ElMundo informed that the High Court of Madrid asked Aena to cease the noise affecting the residential complex of Ciudad Santo Domingo due to the aircrafts landing at Barajas airport. In particular, Aena was requested to reduce operations by 30% the flights allocated by Aena in 2004 (about 20,730 approaches). This reduction was supposed to be effective no later than two months after the order’s notification. The 18R runway of Madrid airport was the one affected by this decision. This has nothing to do with the fact that the runway will be closed for construction for almost a month. However, last Wednesday ElEconomista published a piece informing…

La Seu d’Urgell: yet another commercial airport in Spain Airports,Startups

Air Andorra's web site screenshot

LaVanguardia informed that La Seu d’Urgell airport is no longer an airfield, as of yesterday it has become a commercial airport and hence tourist, passenger, cargo or private flights may operate there from now on. This is happening five years after Alguaire started operations on January 17, 2010 also in the province of Lleida. Both airports are owned by the Government of Catalonia. Albert Batalla – mayor of Seu d’Urgell – said that both airports are compatible with each other because they are different: Alguaire is for big aircrafts and La Seu d’Urgell airport is for smaller planes, with up to forty or fifty…

Aena’s IPO is postponed at least until February 2015 Regulations

Aena logos at Barcelona airport / Lali Masriera

Yesterday, the Spanish Government decided to postpone the Aena’s IPO which was expected for November, 12. The reason behind this is that there was a “formal defect” in choosing the auditor for that process; there was not a public tender. This auditor is supposed to be responsible to ensure that the company accounts are in order before being listed on the Spanish stock exchange. Yesterday, ElDiario.es informed that, last week, the Government’s board should have approved the Aena’s IPO for a 28% of the company to go public. Afterwards, the Spanish Agency for market regulation – CNMV – was supposed to authorise the brochure….

Aena new shareholders to acquire 21% of the company Regulations

Aena offices in Madrid / Luis García - Wikimedia Commons

As we have been informing, another step has been taken in the Aena privatisation process. Last Tuesday they announced the names of the Aena new shareholders who are creating the stable nucleus. Aena had 21% of the company reserved for three main shareholders which made up a big private stable nucleus in the public entity. Thus, the new shareholders are Corporación Financiera Alba (subsidiary of Banca March), Ferrovial and the Children’s  Investment Fund Management (TCI). Corporación Financiera Alba will be the largest private shareholder with 8% of the shares. Then, both Ferrovial and TCI will get 6.5% each. ElMundo.es informed that November 12 is the date when…

Gómez-Pomar becomes new chairman of Enaire Regulations

Julio Gómez-Pomar in October 2012 at the closure of a Business development Programme for Renfe / Flickr - EOI Escuela de Organiación Industrial

On October 3, Julio Gómez-Pomar replaced Rafael Catalá as State Secretary for Infrastructure. According to Logística Profesional it was Ana Pastor – Minister of Development- who suggested Gómez-Pomar is appointed Secretary state for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing. This was approved by the Government’s board on October 3. Due to the unexpected resignation of the former Minister of Justice – Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón – Rafael Catalá was chosen to replace him. Catalá had recently taken over Enaire in preparation for the privatisation of the former Aena Aeropuertos, today Aena, SA. Enaire is a State company currently 100% responsible for Aena, SA. Next month, 49% of Aena SA will be…

Palma Airport Capacity Increase to give more traffic Airports,FC Tools

Can Pastilla, near Palma Airport, Mallorca, Spain, seen from an Easyjet A319 just taken off from Palma Airport on its way to Bristol, England / Arpingstone

The deadline for the summer 2015 slot submissions was yesterday, October 9. All airlines intending to operate in the Spanish airports between March 29 and October 24 2015 were supposed to submit their schedules to AECFA, the new Spanish slot coordinator. Before that, and after the capacity analysis performed by Enaire and Aena, AECFA distributed the new airport capacities for this season. Among other items, it is worth noting the significant Barcelona and Palma airport capacity increases. We will go through the Barcelona airport capacity increase in a separate post. Now, let’s focus on Palma: Palma de Mallorca is one of…