Works to improve the Gran Canaria airport terminal

On the 28th of August Aena published a press release about the works which are being carried out at Gran Canaria Airport. A summary translation follows below for your information:

The new configuration for the security controls will be already working tomorrow, the 29th of August. This will let passengers go to the boarding area through the duty-free shops placed just behind it.

Aena is carrying out these works in phases in order to minimize the impact on the passengers, scheduling most of them in low season. All phases will be available in peak periods. The target in this first phase is to improve all the infrastructures for the security controls. During the second phase, all these facilities would be finalised, resulting in a configuration of 6 double filters and another single one.

The Gran Canaria Airport expansion works will have an investment for 200 million euros, 170 out them will be dedicated to extending Terminal and Platform. These are the most significant works that are currently being carried out amongst the Aena’s airport net.

As we already informed, Gran Canaria is one of the most profitable airports in Spain.

Due to the current features of the terminal, Gran Canaria airport currently has a capacity for arrivals of up to 9,560 passengers per hour, amongst all the different types of traffic. However, the capacity for departures is only of 3,000 passengers per hour. You can get further information on the Airport Capacities in the Aena’s web site.