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The Schedules for the stops at Reus airport are confirmed Standard

The Aena employees are finalizing the details of the protests. Last Monday they confirmed to Aena the days for the stops at Reus airport, which will be the following weekends:20-21Jul, 27-28Jul, 3-4Aug and 10-11Aug.The schedules have been fixed as follows: Saturdays from 18:00 to 21:00 LT and Sundays from 20:00 to 23:00 LT.They are expecting today the confirmation of the minimum services.The reasons for calling this strike, approved by a wide margin, are mainly the reduction of the working hours and the elimination of a shift out of five. The committee says that this decision puts 14 jobs in risk….

Alicante airport to become Alicante-Elche Standard

Alicante-Elche in the map of Spain

It has been on the Spanish media quite frequently during the last months and it looks like it has now been confirmed: The Government said that Alicante Airport will change names to become Alicante-Elche. This will cost 50,000 euros to the Elche city, which will be spent on the sign changes.The IATA airport code is expected to remain the same, as “ALC”. Moreover, the Government confirmed that the new name will be compatible with the International Civil Aviation Organization specifications.For further information about this airport, you can check the definition in our data base which is linked to its reference from Wikipedia.This…

Madrid airport receives the passenger 1000 million Standard

Madrid airport Terminal 4 / shutterstock

Today Elena Mayoral, director for Madrid airport, is welcoming the passenger 1000 million at the airport. Nowadays there are tens of airlines flying to nearly 200 destinations in 65 countries and 45 million travellers go through the airport every year. Recently it was the 80th aniversary of the first commercial flight which took place on May 14 1933, when a Fokker VII/3M landed at Barajas Airport.But it was LAPE, which would become Iberia later, the airline that started schedule operations to Barcelona and Sevilla with 8 passenger and 2 crew members which fitted in that aircraft.The “Madrid International Airport” operated…

Aena will apply a bonus on the Palma Airport rates Standard


The AENA’s General Manager, Mr. Javier Marín, has announced they will progressively apply a bonus of up to 40% on airport rates in Palma during the winter months by an agreement signed with the Mayor of Palma de Mallorca under the frame of Fundación Turismo Palma de Mallorca 365, with the intention of bringing down the seasonality of this airport.During the act, Mr. Marin has highlighted the passenger’s inflow by 65% in summer compared to 35% in winter. Thus, Baleares is the only area that may benefit from this measure. According to, he defended the non application in the Canaries because the…

Ministry postponed the Aena privatisation Standard

According to “It has already been decided. The Ministry postponed the Aena privatisation until the spring of 2014″.In spite of the fact that the Government had said the best moment could be October this year, they have now decided to give it more time in order to get investors.However, in October 2013 they would present the roadmap with details such as the percentage of the company to be sold, etc.Apparently, the most likely alternative would be to launch an IPO (initial public offering) in two parts: one for institutional investors and another for small share holders.Delaying the process would not only…

Cancellations and delays due to Swissport strike Standard

Last Friday, we could read in preferente that the Swissport strike caused cancellations and delays at Madrid and Barcelona airports. Specifically, in Barcelona, ten flights were cancelled for this reason. According to that piece of news unions said that the minimum services fixed for the Swissport strike by the company were abusive. Hence, they intend to go on with the schedules for stops along the month of July. On the other hand, the company says that the worker’s representatives have a lack of attitude at the negotiations. Yesterday, ElPais published that Swissport would have denounced sabotages and preassures from “violent picketing” at Barcelona airport.   Source: