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Aena to soften the charge increase or even to freeze them Standard

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AENA started in February the consultation process to set the charges for 2015, as established by the agreement signed on 23rd May 2013 between Aena Aeropuertos and the Airline Associations.As agreed, the maximum charge increase for 2015 was set at CPI plus three points. With regard to 2016, 2017 and 2018 a maximum charge increase of CPI plus four points was fixed.However, according to the information from EuropaPress this morning – based on sources from ACETA – during the meetings held so far both parties agreed that the positive traffic evolution during the months of January (2.5%) and February (3.1%) lead to expect traffic…

Madrid charges: Agreement for reduction Standard

Iberia aircrafts at Madrid airport / jmiguel rodriguez

The President of the Madrid Autonomous Region, Mr. Ignacio González, announced yesterday that an agreement with Iberia and Aena has been reached to reduce Madrid charges. Adolfo Suárez, Madrid-Barajas is the airport’s brand new name. González anticipated that 17 new routes will be opened.Last week, the Minister of Development, Ms. Ana Pastor, had met Mr. González, the Madrid Mayor – Ms. Ana Botella – and Mr. Luis Gallego – Iberia’s chairman, to promote air traffic in Madrid airport.During the meeting, also attended by the AENA’s chairman Mr. José Manuel Vargas, representatives of the Ministry of Development, the City Hall and the Autonomous Region,…

Consultation Process of airport rates for year 2015 Standard


Aena Aeropuertos has initiated the consultation process with Airline Associations on the amendments of airport charges for year 2015.The Aena’s proposal maintains the agreements reached with the airlines in 2013 to smooth the cost recovery process, which was set by Royal Decree 11/2013, and fixes the maximum increases until year 2018 as following: In 2015 the increase will be of CPI+3%. The maximum has been fixed  at 4.5% In 2016 the increase will be of CPI+4%. In this case, up to a maximum of 5.5% In 2017 the increase will be of CPI+4%. The fixed maximum is 5.5% too. In 2018 the increase…

New environmental tax in Barcelona airport Standard

Barcelona Airport Terminal

The Government of Catalonia approved last Tuesday the creation of an environmental tax that will be charged in Barcelona to commercial flights. The Catalan Government expects this measure be definitely adopted before the next summer. It is expected that this rate be charged to all commercial flights departing from Barcelona airport and they presume to collect about 3.9 million Euros a year.According to the Minister of the Presidency, Mr. Homs, this new tax will not generate an extra cost for passengers since the Law Regulations will prevent airlines charge this new tax to their clients directly.According to this new tax would increase the amounts…

Air Navigation charges 2014 Standard

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Air Navigation charges: Air Navigation charges for the Spanish airspace are not suffering any changes in 2014, as we already anticipated here,This has been confirmed today in the Official Gazette B.O.E., where you can find the new charges for the rest of participant countries in Eurocontrol.   Source: B.O.E.  

Ryanair ready to grow again in Spain Standard

Ryanair's plane

The CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, said today to EFE that he expects the low-cost airline will strengthen its presence in Barajas and other Spanish airports next winter.O’Leary said the airline is discussing with Aena the “new rules” for the forthcoming winter season, but he declined to provide further details.During the press conference in Brussels, Ryanair’s spokesman Jonathan Brisy, also emphasized in the “chance” that means for the airline the Iberia’s “loss of capabilities”, a situation which is similar to other countries.Moreover, Brisy said the new flight between the main Brussels airport and Ibiza, will only operate during the summer….

Meteorological service to be charged in all flights from Spain Standard

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As we advanced in this blog all amendments referred to the Aena’s charges included in the State Budget were confirmed by the publication in the Official Gazette B.O.E on 26th December 2013. It must be stressed that the meteorological service will be charged to all flights operating to the Aena’s airports.To sum up: With effect 01.03.14 the airport charges will be increased by 0.9 %. The increase will not be applied to the PMR fee which is set in 0.61€ per departure passenger in all the Aena’s airports. The minimum landing and aerodrome charges for the airports of groups IV and V, remain unchanged. The minimum landing and aerodrome charges for…

Approach charges to be billed by Eurocontrol Standard

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Eurocontol has notified through an Information Circular that, with effect 1st January 2014, the Air Navigation Terminal charges are billed and collected by them on behalf of AENA.Furthermore AENA Group informs to all users affected, that charges related to December operations shall be paid to Aena as usual.Charges related to flights operated in any AENA airport from 1st January 2014 onwards will be billed and collected by Eurocontrol as it is done for the en-route charge.   Source: Eurocontrol

Airlines operating in Spain fear a new “green tax” Standard

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Catalonia will pioneer the initiative of imposing a new tax on the CO2 emissions. This green tax has been included in the Regional Budgets for 2014, and according to the Catalan Government estimates, it will bring revenue of 3.6 million Euros in the next year.This is not the first time that the Government of Catalonia tries this and, in fact, other countries in Europe like Germany, France and UK have similar “green” charges, where the airline industry is taxed for its environmental impact.The news has alarmed airlines associations (Aceta, ALA and Aeca). They consider that this initiative may produce a…

Subsidies will be proportional to the growth in a route Standard

Subject to be approved in the Congress at the end of December, the text that defines the incentives in 2014 for passenger’s growth by routes in the Aena airports, has been published in the SenateBelow you can find a short summary for your better understanding, followed by our free translation from the amendment to the Budget published by the Senate:Three conditions must be met for an airline to be entitled to obtaining the incentive. That airline must increase passengers with regard to 2013 in: A particular route and The Aena’s airport of origin of this particular route as a whole and The Aena’s…