Castellón airport runway OK, a safety plan is left

Aena, responsible for the test flight, has issued a positive report. Before that, the air space had been approved by the Ministries of Public works and Defense. Some test flights were operated with a Beechcraft B-300 on 18 Feb.

According to local media, an airfield has been already assigned and the routes for approach are already fixed.
Begining this week Aena certified that the 2,700 meter Castellón airport runway can accept commercial flights. 
However, for its final approval, customs must be certified by the Home Office. Moreover, an updated safety plan must be issued.

Castellón Airport was inaugurated on 25 March 2011. More than two years after it is not operative yet. Either it does not have any companies which intend to manage the airport, or airlines aiming to operate to/from this airport. Therefore, a date for the start of operations has not been fixed yet.

As soon as an IATA code is known we will add it to our airport data base. In the meantime, you can find further information about this airport in Wikipedia.


Source: hosteltur