Castellón airport to start operations on December 11

The Castellón Airport Web Site is still under construction

Next December 11 SNC-Lavalin, the Castellón airport manager, will receive the official authorisation to start operations. The information was published this morning at In the meantime, they have undertaken initiatives to get clients. Among them, they have launched their brand new web site,, which is still under construction, where they offer some information. The image of this post is a screenshot of the airport’s new website. It highlights that this is “a new airport for Valencia region”. Moreover, on the left side of the screen, there are three messages in English about the advantages of the province which has “more than 75 miles of coastline”, “more than 100,000 accommodations available” and “a wide range of cultural and sporting activities”. All accompanied by five small images about the Castellón area.

Cheaper prices

The new web site is displayed as an add in the magazine of the World Routes conference that was held in Chicago. SNC Lavalin attended this conference one month ago now. In order to showcase Castellón airport among the visitors and bring the attention of possible customers, the airport operator offers “cheap airport prices” thanks to the fact that it is a “private airport independent from Aena”. From the beginning, this has been one of the one of the strengths for Castellón airport to attract tourists and, above all, airlines. To this respect, they also offer “sales incentives” to make easy for the companies to come to the airport.

In Spain, nearly all the airports are owned by Aena and have fixed prices. At the moment, Lleida is the only Spanish airport out of the Aena net. Ciudad Real used to be private as well but it is now closed since April 2012. Also Murcia-Corvera who are intending to start operations soon, will be another private airport.

Furthermore, in order to attract customers, the airport manager assures they offer access to the world leading companies of ceramic production in less than 90 minutes. Moreover, they confirm the airport is at a one-hour drive from Valencia, “the third largest Spanish city”. Besides this, SNC Lavalin highlights the potential development of tourism in the Castellón Province, foreseen at a yearly 7% according to the authorities. Among the tourist markets to explode, they refer golf. Castellón airport has “14 beach resorts at a one-hour drive”.

Traffic will be limited, according to ATC

Also this morning confirmed the fact that the airport will start operations on December 11. Susana Lloreda – Secretary for professional affairs at USCA -tried the simulator of Castellón airport and noticed some pros and cons: On the one hand, the runway’s length will be enough to allow big aircraft to operate there. On the other hand, she said traffic will be limited by the lack of an alternative runway for aircraft manoeuvring.

Aena will be responsible for the approach. Lloreda said there will be limitations in the approach too, considering there are many small airspaces of army use.


  1. Dave Collarbone 6 November, 2014 said:

    From an ex airtraffica could you tell me what sort of approaches aircraft will be doing to at the new Castellon Airport? Are they ILS,DME or Radar? If it is the latter when is the airfield radar going to be installed as none is visible at the moment, or will it be a Live Feed from Valencia Airport?
    A reply would be appreciated.

    1. Jorge Masot 7 November, 2014 said:

      Hi Dave
      Many thanks for your interest. The AIP should reply to your questions. As soon as we have further information about that we will keep you all informed.

      Thank you and regards

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