Gay Airlines will not see the light of day

Gay Airlines logo

Last Friday we were expecting the first Gay Airlines flight in Lanzarote airport. However Canarias7, the same media from which we had learned about the new company informed that Gay airlines will not see the light of day.

All trace of the company has now disappeared. The first pink plane was expected to arrive from London on Friday. It was going to be the first step to a new luxury LGBT tourism. The Tía’s town authorities were expected to be at the airport to welcome the new company. Nevertheless, their web site – – is now out of order. Canarias7 found out that HugeDomains are offering this web domain at 2,395 USD. Moreover, two out of the 3 Gay Airlines partners are unlocatable.

This summer, Gay Airlines had meetings with entrepreneurs, hotel representatives and public institutions. They presented an ambitious project of VIP tourism. The project even considered an aircraft fleet of their own with pink colour painted planes. But, apparently, users were unable to either subscribe to the vacation programme or book holidays through it from the beginning. That programme included welcome services at the airport, dedicated check-in desks, exclusive parties and even customised passenger information displayed on the airport screens.

According to the information displayed on LanzaroteInformation.comGay Airlines is a total scam.

The latest information is that he may have been selling shares in the company in Holland in €5,000 blocks, and that he persuaded people to join the company in senior positions on the mainland of Europe, asking them to cover their own expenses, in one case amounting to several thousand Euros.

As we had already informed, Gay Airlines was never registered as an airline with AESA despite identifying themselves as such.

Their Facebook page, where we had extracted the images from, is no longer working either.