Summarizing the ongoing Spanish startups

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Following with the ongoing Spanish startups this is what the latest information says:

Islas Afortunadas
AeronoticiarioSCQ informed on Oct 4 that they are expecting to start operations in December with a Gran Canaria-Tenerife flight. Afterwards they intend to go extending operations to other destinations such us Madrid, Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela at first, to go on with the African destinations or the European routes of Paris, London and Berlin. But their intentions are to go far beyond and aim to fly to Dubai or even Venezuela.
The airline’s home base would be Gran Canaria and the fleet would consist of A319 and A321, apart from the BAe146 and A320 that had already been announced.
Although it is out of order at the minute we are publishing this post, they have their ouwn domain

Menorca Airlines
According to the entrepreneurs seek a 10 million Euro capital to base the project on. 49% out of this capital should come from the different Public Administrations. According to this piece of news, the aircraft manufacturer Fokker might be analysing a viability plan.

Another Airline Project for the Canaries
On Oct 2, published an article informing that five former directors from Globalia, Barceló, Orizonia and Marsans want to start a new airline in the Canaries to offer direct flights to Madrid and feed the demand left after Spanair ceased operations. They are seeking investors to cover 11 million Euros required for the project. According to this piece of news, they would count with the support from the Government of the Canary Islands as well as with the Tenerife and Gran Canaria councils. 
Although it is not mentioned in this piece of news, this project might have something to do with Aerocanarias, as we had anticipated in April.

Although there is no news to this respect, the project pursues its course and they might be working on the permits with AESA and the slots with Aena.

In order to have further information on the routes served by an airline, or the airlines operating certain routes, or the slots requested by these Spanish startups, etc, let us remind you that you have our Airport Statistic tool at your disposal.