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Aena chose legal advisors for its privatisation Standard

Last Friday, 26 April, Aena awarded the financial and legal advising services for the privatisation process.The financial advisor will be Lazard Asesores Financieros and N+1 Corporate Finance.The legal advisors will be Pérez Llorca Abogados.According to elEconomista the Government aims to have finalised this procedure by the end of this year and would keep at least 51% of Aena.   Source:

Aena moderates the tax increase Standard

The Minister of Public Works, Ana Pastor, has mediated between Aena and the airlines so that they can reach an agreement which might help to alleviate the industry.As a result of this approach between Aena and ALA—airline’s association—the expected tax increase of IPC + 5% which was already applied for the current year, would not be applied again in five years. According to the media, this might have been called pax tarifaria (tax peace) between both parties. Also, Aena expects ACETA—one of the Spanish airline’s associations—joins this agreement too.This change of stance in Aena might be intended to have an overall support…

The Spanish airports lost over 16 million passengers Standard

Since the beginning of the financial crisis, the Spanish airports lost 16.3 million passengers. According to the data published by Aena, 2012 ended with 194.2 million passengers. This means a decrease by 7.7% in comparison with 2007, when 210.5 million passengers used the Spanish facilities. In 2008 and 2009 the number of passengers decreased by 2.4% and 9.4% respectively. However, in 2010 and 2011 the figures increased by 2.8% and 6% respectively. This let the Spanish airports have over 204 million travellers. But in 2012 the downward trend appeared again and the airports lost passengers by 5% with regards to…

Tenerife North opening times Standard

Tenerife North Opening Times

The vicepresident for the Council of Tenerife said yesterday that it would be enough to extend the Tenerife North opening times by an hour and fifteen minutes. He explained that an agreement was reached with the Minister of Public Works for Aena to consider this extension so that the airport is open from 07:00 to 23:00 LT (currently 08:15-23:00 LT).To start with, this extension might allow Binter Canarias to offer twelve new connections per week and Vueling to establish a home base for one aircraft to increase the rotations.   Source:

The new Murcia airport to remain closed Standard

Stop sign

Due to the lack of agreement between Aena, Aeromur — the building company — and the Government of Murcia, the new Murcia airport remains closed one year after the works finished.Sources which would have contacted with say that they think it will not be possible to open before October or even November. Therefore the new Murcia airport, Corvera International Airport will continue to be closed for the second summer season and San Javier will remain operative.The negotiations for Aena to accept managing Corvera Airport and transfering employees, services and airlines from San Javier are blocked because Aena would require to be compensated for the…

The new way to the aviation in Spain Standard

Flight Consulting Image

It was about time! We have had this project in mind for a long time and finally today we are delighted to introduce our brand new web site to you. Like every other tool in Flight Consulting, this has been developed in-house. At last, we can show you the result: a dynamic web site thought to keep you easily up-to-date on the Aviation in Spain. It is intended not only for us to get to be known by all the people who don’t know us yet, but to open a new way and improve the quality of the services that…