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The new charge for the coordinator and the groups of destinations for the subsidies Standard

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A new Royal Decree was published on Saturday with definitions on the two items we were expecting: The list of airports which are considered as the same area with regard to subsidies for the new destinations. The charge for the coordinator: The definition of a new fee to be charged by the new coordinator Groups of airports with regard to new destinationsThe list below shows the groups of airports which have been considered as the same destination with regard to the subsidies: Basel: BSL, MLH. Belfast: BFS, BHD. Berlin: BER, SXF, TXL. Brussels: BRU, CRL. Bucharest: BBU, OTP. Dusseldorf: NRN, DUS. Glasgow: GLA, PIK. Frankfurt: HHN, FRA. Goteborg: GOT, GSE. Hamburg: HAM, LBC. Istanbul: SAW, IST. Kiev: IEV, KBP. London: LCY, LGW, LHR, LTN, SEN, STN. Milan: BGY, LIN, MXP. Moscow: DME, SVO, VKO. Oslo: OSL, RYG, TRF. Paris: BVA, CDG, ORY. Rome: CIA, FCO. Stockholm: ARN, VST, NYO. Stuttgart: STR, FKB. Venice: TSF, VCE. Verona: VRN, VBS….

Meteorological service to be charged in all flights from Spain Standard

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As we advanced in this blog all amendments referred to the Aena’s charges included in the State Budget were confirmed by the publication in the Official Gazette B.O.E on 26th December 2013. It must be stressed that the meteorological service will be charged to all flights operating to the Aena’s airports.To sum up: With effect 01.03.14 the airport charges will be increased by 0.9 %. The increase will not be applied to the PMR fee which is set in 0.61€ per departure passenger in all the Aena’s airports. The minimum landing and aerodrome charges for the airports of groups IV and V, remain unchanged. The minimum landing and aerodrome charges for…

Approach charges to be billed by Eurocontrol Standard

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Eurocontol has notified through an Information Circular that, with effect 1st January 2014, the Air Navigation Terminal charges are billed and collected by them on behalf of AENA.Furthermore AENA Group informs to all users affected, that charges related to December operations shall be paid to Aena as usual.Charges related to flights operated in any AENA airport from 1st January 2014 onwards will be billed and collected by Eurocontrol as it is done for the en-route charge.   Source: Eurocontrol

Madrid, first Autonomous Region with an Airport Coordination Committee Standard

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The first Airport Coordination Committee has been established in the Madrid Autonomous Region, but each Region is expected to go creating its own committee within the forthcoming months.These Airport coordination committees intend to offer a way of participation in the airport management to the public authorities. According to the Royal Decree-law 20/2012 the tasks of these committees are: Ensure an appropriate airport service quality, suggesting the actions which may be considered necessary to boost the airport activity. Cooperate with Aena Aeropuertos and the correspondent authorities in the definition of the strategies regarding the airports of that Autonomous Region. Especially with regard to the commercial…

Airlines operating in Spain fear a new “green tax” Standard

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Catalonia will pioneer the initiative of imposing a new tax on the CO2 emissions. This green tax has been included in the Regional Budgets for 2014, and according to the Catalan Government estimates, it will bring revenue of 3.6 million Euros in the next year.This is not the first time that the Government of Catalonia tries this and, in fact, other countries in Europe like Germany, France and UK have similar “green” charges, where the airline industry is taxed for its environmental impact.The news has alarmed airlines associations (Aceta, ALA and Aeca). They consider that this initiative may produce a…

The Government to create a regulatory framework for the Aena privatisation Standard

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The minister of Fomento, Ana Pastor, announced they are working on a regulatory framework for the Aena privatisation which guarantees the public interest of the Spanish airport net before its privatisation. This regulatory framework should have been developed by the end of the current year.However she said that the privatisation will start “only when the Government is ready and the appropriate market conditions are detected”.Pastor explained that the new regulatory framework “will set the maximum quality and service levels, as well as schemes for revenues and investments”. Also, the maximum charges would be regulated, considering that a big concern of…

Subsidies will be proportional to the growth in a route Standard

Subject to be approved in the Congress at the end of December, the text that defines the incentives in 2014 for passenger’s growth by routes in the Aena airports, has been published in the SenateBelow you can find a short summary for your better understanding, followed by our free translation from the amendment to the Budget published by the Senate:Three conditions must be met for an airline to be entitled to obtaining the incentive. That airline must increase passengers with regard to 2013 in: A particular route and The Aena’s airport of origin of this particular route as a whole and The Aena’s…

New meteorological service charge and other amendments in the Aena fees Standard

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The Government confirmed the final CPI for October at -0.1 and hence, the airport charges will increase by 0.9% with effect from 1 March 2014 as explained previously in this blog.While we are waiting for further detail on the subsidies that we had anticipated, the following changes have been introduced with regard to the airport charges in the Spanish airports. They are all included in the text sent by the Congress of Deputies to the Senate. This text will have to be confirmed and published in the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE).Meteorological servicesAirlines shall pay a meteorological service charge. This will be applicable to every flight which,…

0.9% Increase in 2014 for airport charges Standard

0.9% increase in 2014 The advanced Spanish Cost Price Index (CPI) for October has been published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). “The estimated inflation of the CPI in October 2013 is -0.1%”.Consequently, considering what we had explained in our post Budget 2014 – Aena charges, an overall 0.9% increase (CPI + 1%) is to be applied to the airport fees at all the Spanish airports.For information on the expected increases for 2015 and beyond, you can read our post AENA clarifies Airport fee increases for the next five yearsThis 0.9% increase shall be effective on 1 March 2014.For any kind of…

Subsidies on valley days in the Canaries to remain in 2014 Standard

The Minister of Fomento, Ana Pastor, informed yesterday, in continuation with the press release launched by Aena, that the airlines flying to/from the Canary Islands in the forthcoming winter season will increase the seat availability by 15%. In particular, the number of seats offered on international flights rises as high as 22%.For further information and analysis on the Spanish Airports, let us remind you that you can access our Airport Stat Tool at any moment.During her speech in the Senate she said in the Canary Islands “everything goes reasonably well” and the international traffic is growing. The islands will take benefit from the…