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AECFA and New Tax starting 15th of September Airports,Charges,Regulations

Aena logos at Barcelona airport / Lali Masriera

Last Tuesday 17th of June, Spanish Ministry of Fomento (Development) designated Asociación Española para la Coordinación y Facilitación de Franjas horarias (AECFA) as Slot Coordinator and Facilitator of the Spanish Airports within the Aenanet. Further to our post of 20th of January this change in the coordinator is in order to meet the European Regulation 95/93 about slot coordination in European airports which pretends an independent coordination from airlines and airports. The new association is primary made up of Aena (50%) and a number of airlines (50%): Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling, Air Nostrum, Air Europa, Ryanair, Swiftair, Thomson Airways, Condor, Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd., Binter Canarias , Naysa and Canair The assignation of AECFA as Spanish coordinator and Mr….

Flight Consulting interview by ATC supervisor FC Tools

Flight Conssulting Interview in ATC Magazine

We are proud to share the Flight Consulting interview by Mr. Cayetano de Martí – ATC supervisor from the Canary Island ACC – for USCA Magazine. Please find below our free translation:   The aviation Industry is not just aircrafts and airlines. There are hundreds of activities around. Without them there would not be air transport. This is the case of Flight Consulting, a small Spanish company operating since more than twenty years ago which provides advice about all the problems behind each operation.   We think it is dramatic that a flight has to be cancelled because there is no way…

The new charge for the coordinator and the groups of destinations for the subsidies Charges,Regulations

Transports of the world

A new Royal Decree was published on Saturday with definitions on the two items we were expecting: The list of airports which are considered as the same area with regard to subsidies for the new destinations. The charge for the coordinator: The definition of a new fee to be charged by the new coordinator Groups of airports with regard to new destinationsThe list below shows the groups of airports which have been considered as the same destination with regard to the subsidies: Basel: BSL, MLH. Belfast: BFS, BHD. Berlin: BER, SXF, TXL. Brussels: BRU, CRL. Bucharest: BBU, OTP. Dusseldorf: NRN, DUS. Glasgow: GLA, PIK. Frankfurt: HHN, FRA. Goteborg: GOT, GSE. Hamburg: HAM, LBC. Istanbul: SAW, IST. Kiev: IEV, KBP. London: LCY, LGW, LHR, LTN, SEN, STN. Milan: BGY, LIN, MXP. Moscow: DME, SVO, VKO. Oslo: OSL, RYG, TRF. Paris: BVA, CDG, ORY. Rome: CIA, FCO. Stockholm: ARN, VST, NYO. Stuttgart: STR, FKB. Venice: TSF, VCE. Verona: VRN, VBS….

A new model for the slot coordination in Spain has been approved Regulations

Aircraft on runway

In continuation with the ongoing restructuring process of Aena, last Friday, the Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree to define a new body, composed of Aena and airlines, to allocate the slots in the Spanish airports. Afterwards, the Ministry of Fomento published a press release which we have translated as follows: A new model for the slot coordination has been approved The Council of Ministers has approved today, through a Royal Decree, a new regulatory framework for the Slot Coordination in the Spanish airports. This new rule fixes an independent coordination body, composed of Aena Aeropuertos and airlines which operate in our…

Final data on Summer 2013 for the Airport Stats FC Tools

Aiirport Statistics by Flight Consulting-Summer 2014-Summer 2013-Winter 2013-Winter 2014

Summer 2013: Once the summer 2013 season is over we have collected the up-to-date information of every airport for that period and it is all available at our customized airport statistic online tool.For those who have an upgraded account you can get the information you wish at any time. If you find any difficulty please do not hesitate and let us know.Also, be informed that we have fixed a bug there was when a query showed one day of the week only. In these cases, an insignificant amount of flights for other days was added to the report too.New users can…

Summarizing the ongoing Spanish startups Airlines,Startups

Evening flight. Square composition / Fotolia

Following with the ongoing Spanish startups this is what the latest information says:Islas AfortunadasAeronoticiarioSCQ informed on Oct 4 that they are expecting to start operations in December with a Gran Canaria-Tenerife flight. Afterwards they intend to go extending operations to other destinations such us Madrid, Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela at first, to go on with the African destinations or the European routes of Paris, London and Berlin. But their intentions are to go far beyond and aim to fly to Dubai or even Venezuela.The airline’s home base would be Gran Canaria and the fleet would consist of A319 and A321,…

Restructuring process in Aena Regulations

Restructuring process in Aena: As many of you already know, Aena is currently facing an ongoing process of institutional restructuring. On the one hand, they are working on the privatisation of Aena Aeropuertos as we have been informing in this blog and, on the other hand, they are working for the slot coordination office to become independent from the airport owner which is in fact Aena Aeropuertos. To this respect, you may find interesting what Aena published in their web site (in English). So a Royal Decree is expected with the confirmation of the changes in the slot coordination office. In addition, according to Nexotur.com, the…

The new way to the aviation in Spain FC Tools

Flight Consulting Image

It was about time! We have had this project in mind for a long time and finally today we are delighted to introduce our brand new web site to you. Like every other tool in Flight Consulting, this has been developed in-house. At last, we can show you the result: a dynamic web site thought to keep you easily up-to-date on the Aviation in Spain. It is intended not only for us to get to be known by all the people who don’t know us yet, but to open a new way and improve the quality of the services that…